Taste our meat terrines (with duck, wild boar, deer...) or fish ones (salmon).
Our recipes are inspired by traditional french cuisine and our taste of authenticity.
Provencal pork terrine
Provencal caillette
Deer terrine with rosemary
Rabbit terrine with savory
Boar terrine with hazelnuts
Duck terrine with green pepper
Pheasant terrine with mushrooms
Chicken livers terrine with Porto
Deer terrine with chestnuts
Terrine with Farigoule
Terrine with lavender flower
Terrine with Tapenade
Terrine with dried figs
Terrine with Pastis
Duck terrine with orange
Goat cheese terrine
Terrine with Espelette chili
Smoked salmon terrine with chives
Truffled terrine 100g
Duck rillettes
Box of terrines - 4x100g