Salt and Herbs - Kraft Refill

Refill coarse salt and herbs in kraft bag, convenient and economical for your small mills and large stackable mills.
Note : 1 refill = 1 x the capacity of the large stacking mill or 2 x 1/2 the capacity of the small table mill.

Salt with lavender flower refill
Coarse salt with Herbs of Provence refill
Coarse salt with Basil refill
Coarse salt with garlic & shallots refill
Herbs of Provence refill
Coarse salt with hot pepper refill
Coarse Salt , garlic & parsley  refill
The Crazy Coarse Salt  refill
Spices refill
Coarse Himalaya Salt  refill
Coarse Salt of Garrigue refill
Coarse salt with pepper refill
Himalayan Diamonds & Pink Berries - Refill
Coarse salt with ceps refill
Coarse salt with black garlic - stackable mill - Copie
Coarse salt with Espelette chilli refill
5 berry pepper mix  refill
Coarse Himalaya Salt  - refill