Savory delights

Secret of making and specialties
Our products (tapenades, terrines and several spreads) are created and made in our own kitchens.
All our recipes incorporate a spoonful of tradition with a touch of style, not forgetting our own secret ingredients, to create the perfect balance between taste and character.

A palette of scents
Thyme, rosemary, truffle, basil and olive oil are just some of the selected ingredients we use.
Our inspiration is undeniably rooted in Provençal culture.
The memories of a region are linked to its cuisine.
We, Catrice Gourmet,  are aware of this and strive to promote the spirit of Provence.
tapenade noire catrice gourmet
tapenade tartinables terrines catrice gourmet 2019
poivron goutte en marinade antipasti catrice gourmet
melange apero provencal les craquantes catrice gourmet la boutique salernes