Olive oil with Ceps - stackable bottle

Extra virgin olive oil with ceps (mushrooms) is perfect for marinades of kebabs and various preparations for your barbecues.
This flavored oil is also appreciated with scrambled eggs, crushed potatoes, pan-fried green beans ...

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Ingredients & shelf life

Culinary preparation based on extra virgin olive oil and ceps
Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil 97.09% (EU origin), porcini mushroom pieces 1.17%, mixed forest pieces, porcini mushroom flavor
Net volume : 25cl, or 58€ /l

Nutritional value

Energy value (Kcal) : 886
Energy value (Kj) : 3646
Fat (in g) : 97.8
Saturated fatty acids (in g) : 13.7
Carbohydrates (in g) : 0.59
Of which sugars (in g) : 0.00
Protein (in g) : 0.78
Salt (in g) : 0.00

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