Green tapenade with morels and walnuts

The green olivade with morels and walnuts is a melting recipe with autumn accents.
The morel brings its woody note and the nut a very pleasant crunch.
It can be enjoyed as an appetizer on toast, or in cuisine to stuff  vegetable or meat.



In stock, shipping within 48h


In stock, shipping within 48h

Ingredients & shelf life

Ingredients: Green olives 55.33%, olive oil, walnuts 8.14% (NUTS), anchovy cream (anchovies (FISH), olive oil, vinegar (SULPHITES), salt, spices), water, wine (SULPHITES), capers (SULPHITES), sugar, garlic, rehydrated morels 4.88%, pepper, thyme.
Net weight : 80g or 65€ /kg - 180g, 48.33€ /kg  -  Keep cool after opening.

Nutritional value

Energy value (Kcal) : 306
Energy value (Kj) : 1271
Fat (in g) : 30.8
Saturated fatty acids (in g) : 4.04
Carbohydrates (in g) : 6.43
Of which sugars (in g) : 2.54
Protein (in g) : 3.19
Salt (in g) : 3.32

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