Green tapenade with ceps and chestnuts

The very harmonious marriage of the green olive and one of the tastiest mushrooms of the woods, with as witness the sweet chestnut !
In short, a real feast of the senses to offer as an aperitif on toasts.

Like all olivades or tapenades, it can be served as an accompaniment to meat, fish or vegetables.



Ingredients & shelf life

Ingredients: green olives 56%, olive oil, chestnuts 6.5%, anchovy cream (anchovies, sunflower oil, vinegar, salt spices), rehydrated ceps 5%, wine, capers vinegar, sugar, garlic, pepper, thyme
Allergens: nuts, fish, presence of sulphites
Net weight: 180g, or 34.44 € per kg, 80g or 52.50 € per kg - Keep cool after opening