Olive Oil with Tomatoes, garlic and thyme - stackable bottle

Olive oil with sunny flavors of tomatoes, garlic and thyme. An invitation for a Mediterranean trip.
Create your seasoning of stackable bottles : olive oil, vinegar and coarse salt mill.
Service : dressings, marinades, seasoning (meat, fish and vegetables)

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Ingredients & shelf life

Culinary preparation based on extra virgin olive oil with dried tomatoes, garlic and thyme
Ingredients : extra virgin olive oil 93% (EU origin), dried tomatoes 3.7%, garlic 2.2%, thyme 1.1%
Net volume : 25cl, or 58€ /l

Nutritional value

Energy value (Kcal) : 842
Energy value (Kj) : 3522
Fat (in g) : 93.1
Saturated fatty acids (in g) : 12.6
Carbohydrates (in g) : 4.17
Of which sugars (in g) : 1.46
Protein (in g) : 0.99
Salt (in g) : 0.20

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