Coarse salt with black garlic - stackable mill


Stackable and refillable mill of black garlic salt (garlic browned at low temperature) with a mild and sweet taste to season your meats, vegetables and other culinary preparations.
NB: the mill cannot be stacked on top of another mill, it can be stacked on top of a bottle of oil or vinegar to create a nice stackable duo or trio !

13.40 €

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Ingredients & shelf life

Store at room temperature, in a dry place away from heat and humidity. Product subject to drying
Ingredients : coarse salt 98%, black garlic 2%
Net weight: 345g : 38.84€ / kg

Nutritional value

Energy value (Kcal) : 5
Energy value (Kj) : 19
Fat (in g) : 0.00
Saturated fatty acids (in g) : 0.00
Carbohydrates (in g) : 1.04
Of which sugars (in g) : 0.71
Protein (in g) : 0.26
Salt (in g) : 99.7

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